Use The Reservation System

Chelsea is an online reservation system that provides you with 24/7 access to court reservations at Homeland Racquet Club. Here are the two methods to book or request a court.

Requesting a Court Between 14-8 Days Prior to the Match. If you are within 14-8 days of the date you would like to play, you can make a “request” for a reservation. Chelsea distributes courts on a point system. Every time you are booked to play you receive points. Chelsea calculates the average point count on the court, then books reservations to the court with the fewest points first, then proceeds through the requests by points and courts available. If there is not a court available at the time requested, you might be bumped to a different time slot. Chelsea will email you your assigned court and time 7 days ahead.

Booking a Court Within 7 Days of the Match. You can make an immediate booking if you are within a 7-day period prior to the date you want to book. Just select the date, time, and court number. You will get an email confirmation.


  • Log into
  • Enter Member Number (you can get this from the HRC website) and Temporary Password (tennis1).
  • Go to PROFILE and create a permanent password and add your email to your profile. (This is important so you can get court time confirmations.)

MAKE A “BOOKING” (Present 7-day period)

  • Go to BOOKING
  • Select a play date from the drop-down list
  • Select a start time that the system should display for your viewing (7:00am will show the entire day 11:30am will show from 11:30am on)
  • Click the MAGNIFYING GLASS to enter players
  • Use SEARCH to find your players
  • Click DISPLAY TIMES to see court availability
  • Make a selection of court time (Gold will appear)
  • Click SUBMIT (Aa confirmation will appear)
  • ALL guest’s names MUST be entered when making a request or booking

SUBMIT A “REQUEST” (Up to 14 days in advance)

  • Go to REQUEST
  • Select a play date from the drop-down list
  • Select the time desired (requested time)
  • Select the earliest and latest you would play in case the requested time is not available
  • Click PLAYER INFO tab
  • Enter members of your playing group by clicking the magnifying glass and by using search or your buddy list which you will build as you get more familiar with the system.
  • Click SUBMIT


Courts 1-7 are designated doubles courts.  Courts 8-10 are designated singles courts.  Two days prior to the date of play all non-booked courts will be made available for singles or doubles play.  Your name can only appear once on the courts sheet per day. An exception can be made by the clubhouse to override the system two days prior to that day and allow the name to appear twice.  Must enter all four names when searching to play doubles and to see all available courts for doubles. Please cancel your court if you are unable to use it.  Same day reservations can only be made before 11am.  After 11am, you must call the clubhouse.


REQUEST.  A request for future court time is not an actual reservation. A request may be made far in advance of play but Chelsea will not process the request until 7 days before the requested day. There is no advantage to making early requests other than convenience. Chelsea allocates courts based on the average of the group’s points.

BOOKING.  A booking is an actual court reservation that your group receives once the system has processed all of the court requests. A booking is also an actual court reservation that can be made inside a 7-day period.

PROCESSING.  Chelsea processes requests 7 days before play. Processing is done each day. Once processing is done, you will receive an booking confirmation.

STANDBY LIST.  If you did not get a court within the requested time parameters, your group will be put on a waitlist. The wider and more flexible your time parameters are (ex: want a 10:00am time but willing to play as early as 8:30am and as late as 11:30am) the more you will play.

EMAIL.  Once the system processes all of the requests for courts 7 days prior to the date requested you will receive an email indicating the status of your request.

PLACEMENT.  This will be initiated by the system and will process requests and allocate courts 7 days in advance.

BUDDY LIST.  This feature gives the member the ability to have quick access to their friends’ member number, and to be able to add friends to a booking or request with ease.

If you feel uncomfortable working with the Chelsea System, call the clubhouse and we will arrange a quick tutorial with another member.

Use The Reservation System